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Fast, flexible and affordable 3D modeling! Allow me to add the third dimension to your 2D idea!


Need to see it before building it? Or contemplating the paint job? Allow me to show you some sweet eye candy!


Convey your design or idea with even more impact! I'll make it dance to the beat of your drum ;-)

I am experienced in creating various types of 3D models, however, lately I've been specializing in creating concept models for product designers with novelty ideas on their minds. I love all things mechanical and also have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

So, how can I help you? It is all very simple, really. You send in your sketches/CAD drawings and from that I produce a high-quality 3D model. If needed, I can also produce photo-realistic renderings and simple animations.

I am experienced in using Polygonal and CAD modeling methods, but prefer the former, since I provide concept models, not actual CAD data for manufacturing purposes. I am a big supporter of free and open-source software and use them in my work almost exclusively.


KUNEWORKS 3D is a small company based in south-west Finland. It is the result of my passion for designing and building various things, both in real life and on the computer screen, as well as my eye for aesthetics, or should I say, 'cool shit'. I got the technical gene from my dad and the artistic gene from my mom, so consider this as my playground for satisfying both of those qualities:)

I offer a high-quality yet affordable 3D modeling service for product designers and game developers. So, be it a new idea for a consumer product or a simple game asset, feel free to contact me and we'll make it happen!